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Michele Returns
Sunday, January 29th, 2006

     Michele will be phasing a little more back into the Shala, following a three year child-rearing partial hiatus: she’ll be taking the Wednesday morning and afternoon Mysore classes. She starts this week, February 1st. Everything else will outwardly remain the same. Inwardly…can’t remain the same, not possible. Ashtanga: outward form remains simple, inward form, uh…whoa.

(If you live across the planet and/or find this useless, we apologize for adding to your internet static, please tell us.)

About This Blog
Saturday, January 28th, 2006

I began sending out monthly e-mail notices in September 2005 to people who had attended class at the Shala and who had given us their e-mail addresses. The overt reason was to let people know that I was doing a once a month Led Primary class, preceded by a talk. The list began at around 180 addresses and has grown a bit since. I received positive responses, and suggestions that I set up a blog, so here it is. Before February 2006 they weren’t worth too much, so I’ll spare you those. Also, these emails conveyed mundane Shala information, as well as discourses; I have snipped out the former unless they offer some entertainment value, i.e.: “The Sunday afternoon class will continue after a two week hiatus on May 4th at 4 pm…” That’s boring so I snipped it.

A good introduction to all of this can be heard on this interview with Lara Cestone at

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