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For those with Existential Courage
Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Hi everyone:

Greetings from the Santa Barbara Rain Forest [this was a period of seemingly incessant rain]:

     I’ll be carrying on with the once a month led class. I’ll begin with a short talk, please bring questions, and then we’ll get part of the way through the first series, maybe about halfway. Everyone is always welcome to just do what they can. I won’t whack anybody with a stick. If the universe begins to look bleak, you can always lie on your back. Beginners are welcome to this class, just be aware that Ashtanga is a little different than EZ yoga: expect to get some exercise.

     If you’ve experienced confusion in the Myore-style class, this should help. If you experience confusion in this class, well…1. It could be the obtuse style of my teaching, in which case, hang in there, some order may begin to emerge from within the chaos, 2. you are in the grip of the cosmic polarities, somewhere between above and below, which I take to be a good sign, an indicator of existential courage, sure to resolve itself in a rush of prana, or 3. this isn’t for you, in which case I’m sure I could refer you elsewhere.



PS: Our “office” is a bit haphazard at times. If you view your inclusion on this list as irritating, presumptuous, completely boring, totally irrelevant or something to be aggressively ignored, please let us know, I’d hate to be seen as another internet misfit.

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