Getting Started


Experienced Students
(meaning: knowledge of some of the practice and previous experience in a Mysore-Style class):
You are welcome at any time, in any form.

New Students
There are a few ways to begin participating in the Mysore-Style Ashtanga classes:

  • Show up. Purchase a 10 Class Introductory Series and commit to attending 10 times during your first month of practice. Price: $108.
  • Show up. Jump in the deep end. Purchase a Monthly Unlimited Series and come as much as you can during your first month of practice.
  • Take an Introduction to Ashtanga class, offered periodically. Then do one of the above.
  • Study privately with Steve or Michele for a while.
  • Take led classes until you feel ready to set yourself free. Or just keep taking led classes if you love them.
  • In order to facilitate the optimal flow of energy throughout the body during your yoga practice we highly recommend that you arrive with the internal organs as unhindered as possible. Stop eating 2-4 hours before your planned time of practice and stop drinking a half hour before practice.

    It is not an uncommon experience to be overtaken by anxiety or feel intimidated by the thought of walking into a room of people who all seem to know exactly what they are doing. There is, however, no other place to start but the beginning. Be courageous. Open the door. Walk into the warmth of the room. Find a spot on the floor that feels good to you and we will help carry you along until you can stand on your own.

    Traditionally Ashtanga is practiced six days a week, Sunday-Friday, except for moon days and ladies holidays. We highly recommend this approach to practice but it is not mandatory in our room. If you cannot commit to daily practice, next best is to create space for practice at regular intervals ie. Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday, something like that.

    Please fee free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

     For more information, email Steve & Michele or call them at 805-965 7175
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